The MetaGami Vision

To create software for all PC users regardless of skill level, software that:

  • offers the full functionality of a database, and

  • includes all the key capabilities of MS Office

AND that does not require any database knowledge to use.


Use one of the commercial applications powered by MetaGami – for example, the Small Business Suite, created to integrate the wide range of activities required by small businesses – and then use MetaGami to customize it yourself.  Or, create your own application from scratch, for your own use or for resale.  Or, use MetaGami to create an integrated system to replace the array of fragmented spreadsheets that take so much time to use and maintain.  Read the comments below from those who have had the MetaGami experience.


“I used to use many spreadsheets to run my business.  I wasted so much time just managing data.  The MetaGami Small Business Suite allowed me to integrate all my data into a single system.  It totally reduced the time I spend on data, and now I have much so much more time to focus on the business.”

- John, Small Business Suite User

“... Having the right tools to store data, easily retrieve and analyze the data is imperative if you want to succeed in most business activities, certainly mine.  MetaGami had the answers to what I was searching for.
Excel is great, Word is great and Access has many really good attributes.  But those are three separate tools that don’t work as one.  MetaGami is a tool that does everything I need all in one place.  The cherry on the cake… it’s easier to use, and for novice programmers like me, the diversity and ease of use it offers is beyond any other program I’ve come across.  Big Fan!"

Greg, Proposal Manager with Defense Contractor (Power User)

“I have developed many databases in traditional database systems.  This is typically tedious, and the databases do not respond to change.  With MetaGami, you don’t need to know anything about databases to create and update them.  And, I can import and export data into the MetaGami system if and when I need to.”


- Kate, Trained IT Professional 

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