Users’ needs change routinely in response to circumstances

Needs can be incorporated as realized; no need to define requirements or wait until next release is scheduled

Same process for incorporating new needs as used from the outset

MetaGami is a totally dynamic environment within which I can do what I want, when I want, all without requiring any computer technical expertise.
It was very dynamic, very fast, and it was not intimidating to say that I wanted to change my mind.
There was no disruption in our process by suggesting a change.
— Ted, Program Manager for large aerospace coontractor in the Seattle area

With MetaGami, you can start with a simple address book and later transform it into an event management system that will keep track of participants, donations, vendors, and will also send confirmation emails.  No matter how simple or complex the needs are, MetaGami allows you to create and manage data of all types with ease and without learning anything technical you don’t already know..  MetaGami allows applications to evolve over time as needs change or new needs are identified, without the typical time-consuming machinations often required for typical database systems.