Paradigm is a paper page on which you can place fields wherever most meaningful

Enables creation of straight-forward solutions or very complex systems

MetaGami enables customization to your exact needs. As a user, you create the interface — the pages you want to see, the type of fields you needs on the page, the location of the fields. A spreadsheet is but one of many fields types that can be placed on a page, not the exclusive paradigm for customization, as with Excel. So, as the user, you can create the interface that is perfectly suited to your needs and desires or modify the interface on an existing application to make it perfectly suited to you.

We did not have a hard set of requirements; we had “desirements”. With MetaGami, the approach was ‘What do you want to do? What do you need to see?’ You created a page where we had various types of fields — text, spreadsheet, calculations, for example. We formulated our requirements by you showing me what I could have.… You allowed me to see right away how easy it would be to display information once I decided what information I wanted to see. It was really the page concept that was so novel to me.
— Ted Whitley, Program Manager for Large Aerospace Company in Seattle Area