Job Search application available at no cost

Danielle Sikorski published a terrific article on LinkedIn, “Keeping Your Job Search Organized”, which piqued my interest.  In the article, Danielle provides well-conceived insights on how to gather and maintain job search information in an orderly and meaningful fashion; great information for job seekers.  I encourage anyone involved in a job search, or who might be in the future, to click Job Search to check it out.  I very much like her ideas, and I believe that there is a better solution than spreadsheets for doing what she so well outlines.

Danielle’s first step in the process of organizing job search information is “Keep 3 running spreadsheets”.  For most of us, spreadsheets provide the go-to solution for tasks of this type.  Mainstay Solutions has used MetaGami with unique effectiveness to create integrated data management applications for small and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations as well as huge companies and government agencies.  So, I decided to create a fully integrated solution using MetaGami.

I challenged myself to create the solution in less than one hour.  I suspected this would be possible even though I have no technical training because MetaGami requires NO technical capabilities.  In fact, I met my challenge; it required 58 minutes, less than one hour, to produce a fully workable app incorporating all elements.

MetaGami is differentiated from spreadsheets, database systems, and programming languages by its combination of four qualities: simple, dynamic, customizable, and integration.  Given these characteristics, I knew that I could create a MetaGami-based application that would integrate all of Danielle’s ideas plus those included in comments to her article, resulting in a solution vastly better than “3 running spreadsheets”.

I knew MetaGami could create the solution because I have witnessed amazing development and update results from MetaGami so many times.  But, one hour – that really amazed and pleased me.  In fairness, I dedicated another two hours to refining and enhancing the initial result and adding notional data.  In a total of three hours, I produced a fully functioning system incorporating all the elements in and associated with the article, and now it continues to evolve on a real-time basis as new input prompts changes.

An article showing the result of the initial one hour and subsequent enhancements is available by clicking here.  A short video showing how the application actually functions can also be viewed by clicking Job Search App Video..

Realizing that most people conducting job searches are not flush with extra money, Mainstay Solutions is excited to make the MetaGami-based Job Search app available at no cost, with no obligation, to anyone who believes it would help them organize their search.  After reviewing the article and/or video, go to Sign Me Up and complete the form with a comment indicating that you want the Job Search app.  We will then coordinate with you to make it available to you -- no cost, no obligation, and no sales pitch.