ManDatE Overview

ManDatE is an acronymn for Manage Data Enterprise-Wide. CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) capabilities previously not truly available to non-profits are now available with ManDatE. ManDatE provides integrated data management and analysis capabilities for all aspects of non-profit organizations, particularly those that directly advocate for individuals with special needs and provide guidance to their support network. Unlike other tools that seek to provide software for one aspect of these organizations, ManDatE includes information for the individuals receiving support, members, donors, volunteers, staff and others -- within a dynamic system, customizable to each organization’s specific needs. Most importantly, ManDatE is designed for quick training and ease of use by individuals who may have little or no computer expertise.

At its foundation, ManDatE includes a data structure for capture of all relevant descriptive information about each individual important to the organization, with specific attention to individuals receiving support. Beyond this is full donor management functionality. Complementary to these foundational elements are capabilities for member, volunteer and staff management and capabilities for capturing event registrations as well as ticklers to provide reminders of important dates. The same development expertise, responsiveness to change, and 5-Star client support that have been so important to Mainstay’s 30 years of success in other industries is now available to non- profits.

Consider the following aspects of ManDatE:

Individuals being served - all information necessary to fulfill on the mission of the organization as it relates to the individuals and their support system, including:

  • Demographic information, including date of birth from which social group assignments can be made dynamically, physical characteristics, special needs, etc.
  • Contact information
  • Relationship to others – e.g. parent, aunt, uncle, child, guardian, etc.
  • Medical information
  • Medical professionals serving individuals’ needs

Contact Management - the functionality for capturing relevant information about all individuals relevant to the organization, includes the following:

  • Basic contact information – address, phone, place of employment, work phone, e-mail, etc.
  • Characteristics visa vi organization – e.g. member, donor, volunteer, board member, etc.
  • Biographical information – background information (where applicable) regarding attributes, capabilities, volunteer preferences, etc. that will facilitate a search for individuals with specific capabilities

Volunteer Management

  • Preferences regarding volunteer opportunities
  • Hours worked by individual, by event, by category
  • Reports summarizing volunteer hours over time
  • Personalized thank you e-mails and letters

Donor Management - the capability for solicitating and collecting donations, including:

  • Donor history – for each donor, specific and summarized donation history
  • Donor data import into ManDatE – electronic import of on-line donor information into ManDatE
  • Donor solicitation – full capability for solicitation by phone, recording of key data, follow-up ticklers, etc. for individual donors or full-blown campaigns.
  • Thank you follow-up – personalized thank you letters or e-mails prepared for distribution
  • Campaign summary – summary of donations by campaign, status reporting for manager of individual campaigns
  • Grant management – textual background research regarding potential grants, information on data and reporting requirements, the ability to add new fields of data in response and prepare reports on this data

Event Management - addresses all aspects of an event, from initial planning through tracking of results, includes:

  • Select from a list of volunteers those who have indicated a preference for the event
  • Designate individuals for each role in the event within an overall event planning screen
  • Identify tasks and dates for completion with ticklers for reminder
  • Register individuals for events, including import of data from on-line event registration systems
  • Record ticket sales
  • Assign seats
  • Automatically update each attendee’s record for participation in the event
  • Member Management – including all relevant informatioon about the member, including:
  • Maintain contact information
  • Record membership information -- type of membership, date first became member, etc
  • Import on-line member registration and renewal information

ManDatE is an enterprise system for non-profit organizations. It was created by non-profit professionals in response to inadequacies they perceive in commercial solutions for this market. Its strong focus on integration bonds together elements typically separate or, most often, components of separate systems.

Of course, each organization, even within a specific community of focus, is different and has distinct needs. Mainstay’s desire to customize ManDatE to serve each of these unqiue sets of needs strengthens its value even more.