MetaGami is easy as Excel, or easier in many ways

MetaGami creates a very sophisticated database automatically without user knowing anything about database

It’s awesome...It definitely wasn’t hard at all!
— Brayden Legette (11 years old)

Regardless of your level of computer expertise, you will be able to achieve far more with MetaGami than you would with alternative products, and without requiring anything technical you don’t already know.  MetaGami is designed so that you can create applications and perform sophisticated analyses without knowing that such a thing as a database even exists.

MetaGami powers users without IT training well beyond other products; it also adds value to IT departments due to the unique way in which it allows solutions to be created - more efficiently, far more dynamically, and with greater productivity. Pages are created, fields are placed on Pages, then manipulated and integrated within seconds.  Drag and drop allows calculations and relationships between fields to be created with ease.